Value Your Boomers

Millennials may bring innovations and new thinking to your PMO (managing-millennials), but don’t underestimate the value of the Boomer-age professionals on your team. We’ve put together some tips to ensure your entire PMO benefits from the vast knowledge held by your most experienced professionals. Also check out (MANAGING A MULTI-GENERATIONAL TEAM)

Identify your experts. First, determine which team members have the most critical—or difficult to attain—experience. Any information that generally takes years to gather and assimilate should be your first priority. Once you know where key pieces of knowledge reside within your PMO, you can put together a strategy to share that expertise with other members.

Be flexible. If you anticipate losing one or more team members to retirement in the near future, it’s time to determine if your PMO will have a knowledge gap as a

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2 thoughts on “Value Your Boomers”

  1. Great points–I see experience and organizational knowledge being overlooked. Although I suspect that Boomers were guilty of this themselves once upon a time, and that this is life-stage, not generational.

    But since you’re framing it generationally–how about a Gen X post as well?

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