PMO infographic | Project Management Office Infographic

All About PMO’s Infographic

Check out our latest infographic: “All about PMO’s”

It explains why you should have one, what it takes to get one up and running and the best practices you should know about!

Here is a link to another PMO infographic we made (The Function of a PMO)

PMO infographic | Project Management Office Infographic

Download a copy and share it with other Project Managers! HERE

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4 thoughts on “All About PMO’s Infographic”

  1. Hi, nice Infographic. Tells a lot about PMO’s basics. However, my recent research carried out together with IPMA Polish Chapter can give more light here. Analysis of my research results (survey among almost 200 PM’s) shows that PMO should not be considered as the efficiency improver, but more as a unit, that enables organisation to manage more projects without performance drop. Some basic figures – organisation with PMO can do 150% more projects in a year and 3 times more projects at the same time, maintaining the same performance levels.

  2. Hi

    Great infographics. Can I ask the source of data and size of universe used to create the average implementation times?



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